A New Addition to the DHS Math Department

A New Addition to the DHS Math Department


By: Kira B.

Many people graduate high school with no clue as to what they want to do in college or after, but this was not the case for Mr. DeBruyn; a new addition to the Duxbury High School staff.

Mr. DeBruyn grew up in Plymouth, MA and found his passion in a middle school math class. He said, “I know for a lot of kids middle school is a hard time, but for me there was a math teacher there that kind of inspired me to do what I’m doing today.”

Mr. DeBruyn said that math was satisfying for him, how there are “multiple ways to get to the same result.” Mr. DeBruyn says that the best feeling is when “you’ve been working on a problem for a really long time and all of the sudden it clicks.” Although Mr. DeBruyn also found an interest in history during his years in the Plymouth school system, he said that he “never really got into it, but [he] always loved math.”

After graduating high school, DeBruyn moved to Bridgewater and spent his next four years at Bridgewater State University. He majored in math and minored in secondary education for his first three years. Then, going into his senior year, rules changed and he was able to graduate with a double major in both math and secondary education.

Four years passed quickly, and in the spring of 2018 DeBruyn graduated from BSU ready and prepared to teach. Mr. DeBruyn said that although “This is technically my first year teaching, I did do my student teaching at Plymouth South.” There, his love for teaching was established and worked in great harmony with his love for math.

After moving from Plymouth to Bridgewater, Mr. DeBruyn knew that his next destination was meant to be Duxbury. He said that, “Duxbury is one of the best high schools in the state. Before I came here I was looking at some other schools, but this opportunity came up and I felt like nothing could beat coming to Duxbury.”

Mr. DeBruyn said that he is currently teaching “Freshman Geometry, Junior Precalculus, and a Personal Finance class which is kind of a mix.” Although he’s excited about all three courses, DeBruyn said that his favorite class to teach was “probably geometry because you can really relate it to real life.”

Mr. Debruyn explained that he is content with where he is in Duxbury, but that he still wants to advance in his personal education. He said, “It’s only my first year. Eventually I’ll have to get my masters degree, but as for right now I’m very content with where I am.”

Mr. Debruyn may be young, but he is nowhere near under-qualified. He said that, “Many teachers think that I’m young, because I am.” “I’m only 22.” Nevertheless, Debruyn has worked hard to be where he is today and is great at what he does. To be successful and happy right after college is the dream, one in which Mr. Debruyn is currently living.


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