Meet Mr. Collins, the Newest Staff Member of Duxbury’s Music Program

Meet Mr. Collins, the Newest Staff Member of Duxbury’s Music Program

By Piper G

Matthew Collins begins this school year on a new note as a new addition to the staff this year at DHS.  Having just graduated from Pennsylvania State University this past fall, he is now at his first teaching job.  Collins teaches music and directs the band for the music program at the high school.

This past spring Collins was faced with the somewhat daunting task of finding a job after college.  He looked all over the northeast before one of his professors told him to apply for this position at Duxbury.  Fast-forward three months to him being a new hire at Duxbury High School.

Collins plays the trumpet as his primary musical instrument, however he also plays the piano and does vocals as well.  While studying music at Penn State, one of the requirements is to have a basic understanding of every musical instrument, so Collins had to learn how to play each instrument in college.  

During his high school career Collins was involved in the band program there.  He describes the band program as being very nice to have for sure, however there were not astronomical numbers of participation.  Regardless, this allowed Collins to find a niche in high school.

There was much competition at the high school as there were over 90 applicants. “I think it was the most applicants for any job last year.” said Jill Noerenberg, the director of music at DHS.  “Band jobs don’t come open a lot!” added Collins.

Jill Noerenberg, the director of music and band at DHS who is also on the committee that hired Collins said, “It was pretty unanimous.  Mr. Collins seemed like the right fit for the job. All of us on the committee all felt that way after watching him work with students in a real classroom situation.”

Collin’s job involves a lot of music.  In addition to teaching high school and middle school band he also is a part of after school jazz club and lessons.  He enjoys working with high school and middle school aged students because of where they are at cognitively and because they learn higher level music concepts.  On teaching music, Collins said, “it’s an awesome opportunity to share music with people and share music with the next generation of people.”


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