Meet Ms. Xu

Meet Ms. Xu


By Arden Y.

Ms. Anna Xu is a new teacher at Duxbury High School this year. Though she is new here, Ms. Xu has had many years of teaching experience that she is happy to share with her new students. “This is my 8th year teaching” Ms. Xu said, when asked how many years she has under her belt. She currently teaches all levels of Algebra 2. Her class is mostly sophomores, with some juniors in the mix.

The teachers that Ms. Xu had in high school and in college really inspired her to become a teacher herself.“I actually didn’t decide to be a math teacher until I got to college. I went into math and than I was like, I don’t know what I can do with math, and than I really liked teaching.”

Ms. Xu got her first taste of teaching in college.

“I was tutoring for a while in our math department at Providence College and I really liked that so I tried teaching. And the more I do it the more I like it.” Ms. Xu received her undergraduate degree from Providence College, and received her masters degree from Middlebury Collage.

Before coming to Duxbury, Ms. Xu worked in Rhode Island for seven years “I’m from Rhode Island, so I was teaching in Rhode Island, [and] it’s actually at my high school which I went to. Westerly High School. It’s a small, coastal, beach community very similar to Duxbury. And that’s one of the reasons that drew me to Duxbury.”

Having left Providence, Ms. Xu currently resides in Quincy where she lives with her sister and their dog, Macy, who is an eight-year-old German Shepherd.IMG_0079

Besides Duxbury, Ms. Xu has only taught at Westerly High School, where she says that the community is similar but also a little bit different compared to Duxbury. “Westerly has a wide range of students, students who have a lot of support at home and are motivated, and on the other end of the spectrum, students who really need a lot of support.”

Besides the differences in people between Duxbury and Westerly, Ms. Xu is very intrigued by the amount of technology that Duxbury has compared to her old school. Ms. Xu said, “I’m trying to learn more about Duxbury and use all the resources that are available because Duxbury has a lot of different resources, a lot of different technology resources that I didn’t have before. So I’m experimenting with different ways of integrating all of that into the classroom.”

Ms. Xu said that she loves the peaceful coastal town of Duxbury. She stated that she thinks the people in Duxbury are kind and very respectful and she said,“The students here are very nice. And the teachers that I’ve met have all been very creative. Which really inspires me to try new things.” Ms. Xu hopes to get to know the students and the teachers very well over the course of the year.

“Last summer I went to Hawaii and I taught a middle school summer camp at the University of Hawaii.” Ms. Xu said. Here, she taught Chinese for a few weeks.

Ms. Xu loves to travel and experiment with new things. In her spare time she enjoys Origami and she also loves art and science. At her old high school, Ms. Xu was the head of the math team for six years and she’s interested in becoming involved here. “I’m hoping to check that out when it starts up.”

Her enthusiasm for Duxbury refuses to wane.

“I’m just really excited to be here,” said Ms. Xu. “And really excited to work with the students and the teachers here.”


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