Meet the New School Nurse, Mrs. O’Neil

Meet the New School Nurse, Mrs. O’Neil

By Liv M.

If you have already been under the weather these first few weeks of the school year, you may have already encountered an unfamiliar face at the nurses station. Mrs. O’Neil, the new part-time assistant, had been a substitute for a year and a half before the position opened up.

Although she enjoys working with people of all ages, she particularly likes working with high schoolers because, as she said, “You guys always get straight to the point, and tell me what’s wrong right away.”

While in high school, the medical field interested her, but it wasn’t until college when she truly discovered her passion for it. She received her degree in nursing from Northeastern University.

“I didn’t know what I wanted to do at first, and I couldn’t decide on a major. I ended up going to the counselor there and that was where I really discovered a love for nursing.”  

Before working at the school, she treated patients at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, which is where she now works on weekends.

She finds the job of being a school nurse to be truly rewarding.

“When I was subbing last year, a young lady came in who had hurt herself in a game and she ended up having a concussion. After, she wrote me a really nice thank you note that said I was her favorite substitute nurse,” said Mrs. O’Neil. “That really touched me because, here, we only see kids for a couple of minutes and we don’t think that we’re really helping them that much, so it was special to see it in a note.”

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