Meet Ms. Fu

Meet Ms. Fu

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By: Melanie Lucier

Meet Ms. Fu, a new Mandarin teacher here at Duxbury High School who is originally from China. She enjoys swimming, eating sushi and watching the Houston Rockets basketball team.

Ms. Fu graduated from an Intensive Chinese program then moved from China and went to Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts. Although Ms. Fu likes it in America, she said,“I miss my family and friends and the food in China”

This is her first teaching job, and she definitely likes it. She said, “I like the whole community and how people get along well with each other, the teachers in the world language department are really nice to me.” She also enjoys the suburban life of Duxbury. She decided to work at Duxbury because it was the most beneficial option. Ms Fu’s enjoys Duxbury because, “It’s beautiful and not in the city so the driving is really easy for me.” When asked about her interest in teaching Mandarin, Ms. Fu said, “I wanted to find a way to use both Chinese and English languages,” which is why she became a Mandarin teacher.

Ms. Fu thoroughly enjoys the American style and culture. “I like the style of American students because they have plenty of time to do different activities and they always have creative minds,” she said. Though she is very happy at Duxbury High School, in the future, Ms. Fu hopes to become a writer, “I like reading and I like to create something and write novels on my free time.” Ms. Fu is very pleased that she has the ability to combine her love for Mandarin and English, and is grateful to be here at Duxbury High School.


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