Meet Ms. Bradford

Meet Ms. Bradford


By Harry S.

Recently, a large number of new teachers joined the staff of Duxbury High School. Ms. Bradford is one of the new history teachers. Before working at Duxbury High School, Ms. Bradford worked at Silver Lake High School in Kingston, Massachusetts for three years.

She grew up in Duxbury, MA and said that she “always kind of knew about Duxbury and thought it was somewhere I would like to teach.” She said that she thought Duxbury Public Schools were a great school system to help her grow as a teacher and when she saw they had job openings she immediately “jumped on the train to apply.”

Ms. Bradford said that her reasoning for wanting to teach history was a teacher she had junior year of high school who “completely inspired [me]” and wanted all of his students to enjoy history as much as he did. This made her realize how much she really loved the subject. A year later, when she was applying for colleges and deciding what she wanted to do with her life, she thought of history and said, “this is the career for me.”

Outside of the classroom, Ms. Bradford lives in East Bridgewater and has around a thirty-minute commute to work. She passes the time in the car by listening to podcasts. She also loves all types of outdoor activities like running, boating, and golfing and said, “I try to participate in a Spartan Race and a couple road races every year.”

Overall, Ms. Bradford is looking forward to working at Duxbury High School.

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