Feel the Fields of Magic: Profile of a New Teacher

Feel the Fields of Magic: Profile of a New Teacher

By Anouk L.

Ms. Fifield is a new teacher at Duxbury High School this year and she is teaching
freshman English.
Ms. Fifield, now in her third year of teaching, grew up in New Hampshire on a dairy
farm with a big family, where she had five sisters. She’s lived Chelsea, a city in close
proximity to Boston, for a year now and she makes a 45 minute commute every day
to Duxbury. This commute is an improvement on the 90 minute drive to her old job
in New Hampshire.
Coming to Duxbury is very pleasant for her, because the town she grew up in wasn’t
the best.
“Duxbury is not like any place I lived in before. I grew up in a really poor town, and
I’m living in Chelsea right now,” said Ms Fifield. “It’s pretty rough and kind of
dangerous. Coming down here, it’s beautiful and really refreshing.”
Here at Duxbury High School, she enjoys studying the books she grew up with. This
year, her students will be studying Romeo and Juliet. Ms. Fifield said, “It’s one of the
fun ones.”
Besides Romeo and Juliet, the course will include reading books that contain an
element of magic. Ms. Fifield said, “Other than Harry Potter, I think that kids aren’t
really allowed to read about magic or think about magic, and I think it’s a fun thing
to do.”

Right now, however, they’re reading a serious, first-hand account of the Holocaust
entitled Night. According to Ms. Fifield, this text is crucial for the academic and
emotional development of students.
“Those types of conversations you can have with people, those are invaluable.”
She enjoys teaching freshmen because she can have conversations with the
“I wanted to have conversations with high schoolers. It’s not really that easy with
middle and elementary kids,” said Ms. Fifield. “The students are very mature,
grateful, and extremely smart.”
Throughout her time here so far, Ms. Fifield has tried to build good relationships
with the students. She said, “I try to ask everyone, everyday how they are doing.”

Making small talk like this with her students is a way for her to get to know them,
and she will continue to build good relationships with them throughout her time
here at Duxbury.

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