Ask Andy: College Edition

Ask Andy: College Edition

Ask Andy: College Edition

Aaaand we’re back. This year, I want to try to focus on categorizing my questions as best I can, so here you have all of the questions that I received about college. Please make sure to ask me more questions on my Google Form, which can be found on the side of our website. You can also submit questions in the box located in the library!

Why are we not getting tips about our college essay?

I’ve heard there are some English teachers who will make you write a personal essay for class. However, if your teacher is not doing that, from what I’ve heard, it’s important to be authentic in your writing and to highlight something that makes you unique. No one wants to hear about the same thing thousands of times, so pick a topic that is unique to you and that you can write about well. I would also recommend asking your parents, friends, siblings, and even English teachers to look it over for you. Sometimes having someone just check your grammar and phrasing can be extremely helpful!

What are some factors I should consider when trying to choose a college?

I have found that the most important factors are…

1.)   Size: Do you want a big school or a small school? Meaning, do you want there to be tons of kids or do you want there to be a smaller amount of students?

2.)   Location: Are you looking to stay close to home or do you want to get out? You don’t necessarily need to go to the west coast to get out, so determine what your radius looks like around Duxbury. I think it is also important to consider if you would be able to drive home or if you would need to drive home. Flights are expensive, so consider how often you would be able to come home if you want to go somewhere you would have to fly to.

3.)   Majors: This one has been especially important to me. Does the school have something that you are interested in studying? I had wanted to go to Georgetown since before I was going to into junior year. I love Washington D.C. and the campus is right in the heart of an adorable neighborhood. However, they really didn’t offer what I wanted to study, and I realized I would be changing my major to go there. So, just make sure they have what you want to study right off the bat.

4.)   Cost: Okay, this is kind of a major one. I am not authorized to tell you how much you can afford to spend on school, but that is definitely a conversation to have with your parents. That’s all I’ll say about that one…

Other than those four, I would just say to make sure you get a good vibe while you’re visiting the school.

Why isn’t college free?

GOOD QUESTION! Honestly, I think the price of college is absolutely absurd, but that’s neither here nor there. Realistically, college can’t be free because the universities need to pay their professors, the food you eat has to be paid for, and they also just need to keep the university up and running. So yeah, college is sort of ridiculously priced, but in some sense, most of the cost is justified.

Who should I go to about college advice that’s not my parents?

I think your best resource is your guidance counselor. They have tons of good information and they’ve helped a lot of kids navigate the process. Plus, they’re an unbiased source that will give you honest information about schools, unlike your parents.

If you really want to, you can talk to a college counselor who specialize in helping kids through the college process. They can be expensive, but I have definitely heard of kids who benefit a lot from helping some extra, individualized help with their essays and help deciding where to apply.

What is a good pre-med school that isn’t impossible to get into?

Okay, I don’t have a specific school for you because I really haven’t looked too much into pre-med schools (journalism and communication all the way!!!!). But, I would say don’t focus so much on where you go for your undergraduate degree. Becoming a doctor obviously takes a lot of schooling, so my advice would be to go to a school that you’re excited about that has a pre-med track, no matter the reputation of the school, work hard to get good grades and have a good GPA, and then go to a great graduate program.

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