Patriots go Spear Fishing

Patriots go Spear Fishing

By: Jack D.

The Miami Dolphins suffered a devastating defeat to the New England Patriots yesterday at Gillette Stadium.

The final score was seven to thirty-eight. The only time the Dolphins managed to run a touchdown was in the fourth quarter. The Dolphins were unable to penetrate the Patriots’ defense and own their defense was unable to properly guard the quarterback from the barrage of blitzes by New England.

The second quarter was the biggest for the Patriots as they scored three touchdowns. After two consecutive losses, critics and spectators questioned whether the Patriots were losing their touch. But the New England faithful never lost hope.

Kyle L., a senior at Duxbury High, always believed in the Patriots.

“The Dolphins never really had a chance,” he said, “The Patriots were in the game so they would win regardless.”

He believes that the Patriots simply had two unlucky games.

Now, the previously undefeated Dolphins have lost their hopes of a perfect season.

The Patriots, in a return to form, were given an A this week by the NFL Team Grading System while all other teams received C’s and D’s. Tom Brady, the veteran New England quarterback, was happy with the way the game turned out as New England looks to put their two losses behind them.

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