Say Hello To Mrs. Bartro

Say Hello To Mrs. Bartro


By Beau B.

Mrs. Bartro is a brand new special education teacher here at Duxbury High School. She works in the Learning Center and is an assistant teacher to Mrs. Stollof. She is very excited to be teaching at Duxbury.

She is relishing her new teaching environment here at Duxbury.

“It’s great, I am really enjoying the kids and teachers who I’m working with,” said Mrs. Bartro.  

Mrs. Bartro has an extensive background in teaching special education and has taken a rather unorthodox path to get where she currently is.

Mrs. Bartro graduated from Connecticut College with a degree in economics. She then went on to work for ESPN for a year. After her time at ESPN, she became a nanny for a family around town.

Working as a nanny sparked Mrs. Bartro’s passion for working with kids. Once she knew that she wanted to work with kids, Mrs. Bartro landed a job at the Landmark School for children with language disabilities. There she worked with kids that had difficulties with reading and speaking disorders, such as dyslexia.

Mrs. Bartro decided to further her career and knowledge by getting her masters degree at Simmons College in Boston. Following her graduation from Simmons College, she earned a job at Hull High School. During this time, she moved from the North End in Boston to Marshfield. Mrs. Bartro spent a year off from teaching at Hull High School for maternity leave.

After the birth of her child, she came to Duxbury High School. Mrs. Bartro is teaching three learning center classes as well as co-teaching a science class. She is incredibly grateful to be working at Duxbury High School and she said she “loves the sense of community in the school and in the town itself.”

Mrs. Bartro believes that students here are “motivated, polite, and consciousness,” which is all a teacher could ask for.

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