Can You Imagine Living in a Horror Movie?

Can You Imagine Living in a Horror Movie?

By: Kacy C.


Can you imagine living inside of a horror movie? Imagine constantly being on edge, and having to try and outsmart a serial killer. You’d go about your day like a normal teenager, go to school, and do your homework. Maybe your parents ask you to take your dog for a walk before you go to bed. You grab your coat, as the fall season is approaching and it’s beginning to get chilly. Outside, your dog walks beside you, as you admire both the company and the sound of the wind rustling through the trees. Then, your dog stops in its tracks and begins to growl at a bush ahead of you. You think nothing of it and continue marching forward until you hear something  stirring in the bushes as you pass by them. You fill with panic as you inch closer and closer, now clutching onto your dog for dear life. You grasp the branches of the bush to reveal…nothing. You breathe a sigh of relief and spin around to make your way back home, when all of a sudden the masked villain charges you. You weave in and out of your isolated neighborhood hoping not to fall. You end up falling around 15 times. By some miracle, you escape with your life, barely.

This is obviously not the ideal situation you want to encounter when living in a horror movie, as you want to survive the ordeal and maybe make it throughout the inevitable sequels. Each day brings new danger and more potential enemies. This means you need to prepare yourself for an attack. You go to the hardware store and buy anything that can possibly be used to protect yourself and your friends as you can’t possibly survive horror movies without emotional support.

You and your friends decide to celebrate being prepared for your impending doom by throwing a huge, publicized party open to all in your small isolated town, with a police force of less than 20. The party is at its height and everyone’s worries of murder have melted away when, all of sudden, a scream pierces the air. You run into the darkness of the outside to find one of your closest friends murdered. They were always too smart for their own good and it seems to have backfired on them. Everyone at the party begins to panic and disperse into the night, leaving you alone with your friends. You lock yourself in your house with the rest of your friends, armed and ready to fight for your lives.

One by one, as the night goes on, you and your friends are taunted by the killer or even killed. You are eventually the last one left. Having no time to process the murders of your friends, you come face-to-face with the killer for the second time. They give the regular, evil villain monologue, fit for a Shakespearean play as you wait to meet your doom. They take off the mask to show you who they truly are. They are revealed to be one of your best friends who was thought to have been killed. You are shocked and have barely enough time to process this as the killer begins attacking you. However, you are prepared, and are able to stop the killer and call the police. You and the killer have your final showdown which ends in them being defeated and you having quite a few injuries.

Nevertheless, you survive.


For now.

Can you imagine?

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