A Doctor Who Recap: Review of the Newest Episode, and Everything you Need to Know Before You Watch It

By Arden Y

SPOILER ALERT!!! Spoilers for the newest episode of Doctor Who! If you plan on watching the series in the future, don’t read ahead. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Last Sunday (October 7th), the first episode of the new season of Doctor Who aired on BBC and BBC America. Thousands of fans worldwide had been waiting eagerly for this next entry in the popular TV show.

The new episode, “The Woman Who Fell to Earth”, written by the show’s new director Chris Chibnall, was the first episode in a planned ten-episode season.

For unfamiliar audiences, Doctor Who is a sci-fi adventure series that has been around for over 50 years. The series follows The Doctor, a human-like alien who has a time machine called the TARDIS.

The TARDIS, a blue box that looks similar to an old-fashioned phone booth, can travel anywhere in space and time.

The Doctor also has the ability to regenerate, which means that when he dies, he can come back to life and change his appearance. So far, The Doctor has been through thirteen official regenerations. This is a smart way to allow actors to exit smoothly if they are done with the show.

The main hype surrounding the new season is due to the fact that there is a new Doctor. Dubbed ‘The 13th Doctor’ she made her debut last Sunday. The 13th Doctor is played by Jodie Whittaker.

The Doctor’s newest reincarnation is groundbreaking because she is a woman. The previous twelve doctors were all men, and Whittaker took on the task of portraying The Doctor’s first female form.

Another main component of Doctor Who are the companions. Throughout the course of the show, The Doctor recruits different humans to travel with him. He treats these friends like family.

One of the different things about this new season is the fact that The Doctor is now traveling with three companions, Ryan (Tosin Cole), Graham, (Bradley Walsh), and Yasmin (Mandip Gill). Ryan has a medical condition that causes him to have poor balance. Graham is his step-grandfather, but the two aren’t very close. Yasmin is a police officer, and she was a friend of Ryan’s from school.

Last season’s finale featured the 12th Doctor, played by actor Peter Capaldi, regenerate into the 13th Doctor. The last thing that happened in the episode was Whittaker falling out of the airborne TARDIS. For almost a year, fans have eagerly awaited the resolution to that cliffhanger.

And the answer? Well, The Doctor crash-landed through the roof of a train and arrived just in time to save Graham and his wife from an alien. Now that’s how you make an entrance!

The Doctor often has to deal with various aliens trying to invade Earth. One of the popular parts about Doctor Who is the fact that The Doctor uses his words and brain instead of fists and violence. In the newest episode, The Doctor had to deal with an alien that looked like a floating tangle of wires, and another that had teeth sticking out of its face. Stuff like this is common in the show.

Another important aspect of Doctor Who is something called the Sonic Screwdriver. This is a tool that the Doctor uses to help solve puzzles. The screwdriver has the power to manipulate any electronic device.

In last Sunday’s episode, for the first time ever, The Doctor made a new Sonic Screwdriver out of spare parts. Each model of the screwdriver is a different color. This one is orange.

In the end of the episode, the Doctor made a choice to send the alien home instead of destroying it, but there was still one problem left–The Doctor couldn’t find her TARDIS. With the help of Yasmin, Graham, and Ryan, The Doctor built a teleportation device to get to her TARDIS. However, she ended up in space instead, with her companions floating beside her.

And that’s how the episode ended.

Opinion: Overall, the episode was well done. The pacing was steady and the plot was solid. It kept old fans satisfied and created a good place for new fans to jump right in. The season is off to a promising start.

You can watch the next episode this Sunday, October 14th at 8:00 pm on BBC America. The next eight episodes will most likely be aired each Sunday at the same time. The episodes are also available on Amazon the same night they air.

Picture credit: https://www.tvinsider.com/701965/doctor-who-jodie-whittaker-casting-details/

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