Lockdown in Marshfield

Lockdown in Marshfield

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Ben Acker


On September 24th, a woman was shot by her husband in a case of domestic violence. A manhunt happened to search for the victim’s attacker. Route 3A and surrounding areas were closed off, and Marshfield High School went into lockdown while the Duxbury Volleyball team was there. The victim was taken to South Shore Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

While the manhunt was underway, the Duxbury Athletics Twitter made a tweet, updating people on what was happening in Marshfield.

“Please be advised that our volleyball team is in lockdown at Marshfield High School.” They tweeted. “ALL OF OUR STUDENTS ARE SAFE. Law enforcement has advised everyone to stay out of the area until further notice.”

Once the lockdown was lifted, the team was released and headed back to Duxbury. By 8:30 PM, the high school had been completely cleared.

Ryan K. from Marshfield recalled the incident.

“We were told to lock our doors and stay inside. This is not something you normally see, here in Marshfield.”

According to The Boston Globe, the female victim is the 13th woman this year to be killed in a case of domestic violence in Massachusetts.

Once the lockdown was lifted, the Duxbury Athletics Twitter tweeted an update.

The tweet read, “I am pleased to report that our volleyball team has been released from lockdown and are heading back to Duxbury. Thank you to all members of Marshfield Public Schools and law enforcement members for your help tonight.”

In response to the shooting, Jon H. from Marshfield said, “It just goes to show you that just it can happen anywhere.”

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