The Anchor

The Anchor

By Melanie L.

The Anchor is a little breakfast place in Duxbury next to the The Green Light. It opened four months ago on June 8th. It is owned by Dermot Loftus, who also owns The Oysterman, a restaurant only 30 feet from The Anchor. This breakfast spot serves more than just breakfast; it also has burritos, sandwiches, and much more.

Dermot Loftus was originally from Ireland and moved to the United States about 5 years ago.

He came to Duxbury 3 years ago. Kyle M, one of the managers at The Anchor, said “he has taken advantage of the development and created The Oysterman, and here we are now.”

Kyle also says that Loftus ”wanted to add a little more diversity to the town.”

Thus far, reception has been very positive.

“Since we have opened business has been phenomenal, the town’s been treating us very well.”

According to Kyle, one of the sandwiches has been particularly popular.

“The pops is the biggest sandwich hit, and you can’t go wrong with a burrito.”

Bella M, a junior at Duxbury, ate and enjoyed one of the breakfast burritos.

“Something about it made it different from others,” said Bella. “The staff was very accomodating.”

Kyle, pleased with the town’s reception of the new restaurant, teases what’s to come.  

“We have menu dishes coming in within this fall for both places, here and the Oysterman.”


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