Maniac Review

Maniac Review

Maniac is a new Netflix original series. It takes place inside a science lab where they are testing new drugs that could potentially fix the brains of mentally ill humans. The show features two major actors, Jonah Hill and Emma Stone.

Owen Milgrim (Hill) and Annie Landsberg (Stone) are being held inside a drug trial consisting of ten patients. Most of these patients agreed to the testing because in return they will receive good pay. Each patient has a different reason for being there. For example, Owen suffers from schizophrenia, a mental disorder that affects a person’s ability to think, feel, and behave clearly. Annie suffers from broken relationships with her mother and sister that she has struggled with throughout her life.

The drug trial consists of three different pills that you take at three different stages consisting of “A, B, and C.” When they enter this drug trial they are told by scientists running the experiment that the drugs will permanently solve all of their problems with no complications or side effects. The patients fall into these dreams where they go from being a mafia based family all the way to living in medieval times.

After the final pill “C” was taken Dr. James yells “Congratulations you’re cured” and then handed them a paycheck. The other doctor, Dr. Azumi knew he was at fault here and that the patients couldn’t possibly have been cured just like that.

The patients seemed very confused and out of it since they had basically just been tripping on drugs for the last three days. They were not cured but it appeared as they were urged down the path to self-reflection and were more in the present than their minds.

Overall, the show was a great mix of both comedy and drama. It felt as if you were in the character’s minds and traveling through their past traumatizing experiences. This device made you really become attached to the characters unlike in some shows where there’s no specific plot throughout the TV show and just a different plot every show. Overall, this show would be a 7/10 because the early episodes were amazing as well as the ending episodes but a few episodes in the middle were a little dry.

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