Zentangles at DHS

Zentangles at DHS

By: Melanie L

Zentangles are patterned spirit animals that are placed around the school. Every floor has a different themed zentangle for each kind of animal. For example, someone drew a dolphin and that is categorized in the sea animal category which is on first floor of Duxbury High School. The teacher liked it because it was an easy way for kids to figure out what floor they are on in the building.

This year, Drawing and painting teacher, Mrs. Leydon, wanted to switch up the creativity in her class by putting zentangles on white t-shirts instead of the walls of Duxbury High school. The white T-shirts are going to the students who created the artwork. Mrs. Leydon says “ I wanted to switch things up and make Duxbury history continue with T-shirts”

Many students artists, who created the zentangles, have different opinions about where the zentangles are placed.  Henry F., a junior at Duxbury says he’s “Not going to wear the shirt, but it is nice to have a change and there’s not much space in the halls for more zentangles.”

Korryn L., a senior at Duxbury has a different opinion because she was looking forward to her zentangle from last year being put on the wall “I think we should keep it in the hallway because everyone gets to see your artwork on the wall and you get to choose where it is and you are forever in Duxbury and your younger siblings can see your art.”

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