New Year, New Laptops: Making the Switch from Apple to Google

New Year, New Laptops: Making the Switch from Apple to Google

By Olivia E.

After a year of speculation about what will happen to Duxbury’s laptops next year, teachers and students are finally getting some answers. The Director of Technology for Duxbury Middle and High School, Cheryl Lewis, said, “We have received approval from the school committee to move from the MacBook Airs to Chromebooks for students.”

One of the major questions everyone has asked is what the advantages to getting Chromebooks is. Mrs. Lewis said, “The education market in 2012 when we were originally planning the one to one, Macbooks (Apple laptops) accounted for 60% of the market and then PC’s and Chromebooks made up 20% of the market. At the time, Chromebooks were pretty much brand new and there were some issues with them and things like that. So, we went with the Macbook Airs and they were about $750 a piece.”

Duxbury has decided to make the switch for the 2019-2020 school, due to the fact that Chromebooks, which cost about $250-$350, are significantly cheaper than MacBooks, which are about $750-$1250 per laptop.

Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 12.17.43 PM
Chart showing the change in the types of laptops for the U.S. education market over the past five years. It more specifically highlights the comparison between Chromebooks and MacBooks. Credits to Cheryl Lewis.

While there will be somewhat of an adjustment to a new type of laptop, Mrs. Lewis said, “Everything is cloud based, which when I surveyed all the department heads all of our curriculum they said that now almost everything that you do is cloud based… You can do everything.”

A common complaint among students this year has been that the battery life of the MacBooks has seemingly began to dwindle, “If you ask students, the battery life is starting to go down on the Macbooks,” said Mrs. Lewis, “ We hope to have, or we plan to have the Macbook Airs in carts for any teachers who want to use them in the classroom. In the meantime, any speciality courses have special computers in the appropriate classrooms. If you take a photography course, you are going to be using the desktops and if you are in tech they have their own PCs.”

Current junior Libby W. said, “Last year when I was experiencing problems with my computer I went down to tech and asked why the battery was dying so quickly. It turned out that the service battery had to be replaced and I ended up with a loaner laptop for three months. I know others have experienced the same problems and teachers aren’t as aware of the service battery problem.”

Next year, while students make the switch, teachers will continue to use MacBook products, as their lease is not up. While it will be a change for everyone to go from MacBooks to Chromebooks, Duxbury High School will still continue to be a one to one school district.

Credits to Cheryl Lewis for the Featured Image.


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