Opinion: Halloween Is the Best Holiday

Opinion: Halloween Is the Best Holiday

By Daniel F.

When people think of their favorite holiday, they’re apt to say Christmas. While Christmas is fun with presents and family, there is one holiday that is better: Halloween.

Think about it. Halloween is a time for celebration, dressing up as someone famous or iconic. You get to be someone else for a whole night and get candy from neighbors and other people. You can go to a costume party and debate who has the best costume amongst your friends.

Or you can stay home and watch horror movies as kids come to your door for candy. You can binge a marathon of the Halloween franchise or watch new horror releases on Netflix. You can go see a horror movie in theaters. You can even watch some family horror films such as Coraline or Corpse Bride. You can sit back, relax, and read a Stephen King novel for the night.

There are many things to occupy your time with on Halloween. While Christmas is fun, Halloween is the one holiday where you soak up the atmosphere, whether it be tinged with dread or have some campy fun with your friends. Halloween is the best holiday, one where you can have fun with friends and eat as much candy as you want while you watch a horror film.

Happy Halloween!

Feature image from Andre Engels on Creative Commons.

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