Girl’s Cross Country Ends Season on a High Note

Girl’s Cross Country Ends Season on a High Note

By: Kacy C.


As the fall sports season comes to a close, sports teams all around Duxbury High School are relishing in the memories made over the last couple of months. The cross country season is among those ending in the next couple weeks.

Throughout the season, the girl’s cross country has won five meets and lost two.

“Essentially, our team hasn’t been this good since 2002,” said Maria R. team captain. The team had lost one varsity runner, but as Maria put it, “it’s still really great having experienced runners.”

The captains of girl’s cross country this year wanted to shift the focus to teamwork and good sportsmanship and it seems to have had a positive effect on the team overall.

“Over the past summer we had captains practices 3-4 times a week, running 2-7 miles at each practice, which I really believe helped prepare us coming into the season, not only physically but also bringing us closer as a team,” said Maria.

The team also did many team bonding activities ranging from corn maze activities to team dinners every Monday night.

Aside from team bonding, creating a positive environment was vital to the team’s success. “We’ve focused a lot this year on a positive attitude and focusing on the issues that we can control, which I think has definitely benefited us,” said Maria.

Among the captains who have worked tirelessly to create a positive atmosphere, Melanie D., a sophomore, newcomer sophomore, Hannah N., exchange students Anouk L., Charlotte A., and freshmen Callie S. and Emmie L. have been huge additions to girl’s Cross Country.

“Their positive attitudes really helped to set a hard working vibe every day at practice,” said Maria R.

Girl’s cross country’s bond and talent has left senior captain, Maria R., hopeful for the future.

“ I hope that by me being a captain it will show people it doesn’t matter what time you run or how far you can run, but how hard work pays off and how it’s all about a positive mindset. I really hope to leave the team as a positive hard-working group.”

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