Halloween Costumes 2018: Hot or Rot

Halloween Costumes 2018: Hot or Rot

By Melanie L.

This year many people participated in the spooky season we all know and love, Halloween. Every year celebrities have gotten more and more creative with their costumes, some celebrities even go as far as becoming animated characters which, as one could imagine, is a very ambitious costume.

This year, there have been some amazing costumes and also some rotten ones.

Heidi Klum and her boyfriend, Tom Kaulitz, had the best costume of the year. They were Shrek and Fiona from the animated movie, Shrek. The costumes were so intricate with detail that they almost became an animated reality. It was funny and just overall enjoyable to see. They acted like the characters by using accents and walked around like them as well.

Another really well thought out costume was when Beyonce dressed as Frida Kahlo. Frida is an artist and Beyonce loves her art and Beyonce said “She wanted to spread the art of Frida by dressing up as her, so that more people could know about the ideas behind her art.”

The cutest costume of the year had to be Kylie Jenner and her daughter Stormi.They were the cutest because they both had oversized elegant butterfly wings symbolizing innocence and the strong bond they have for eachother.

Everyone has their own opinion of what a bad costume is. In my opinion, the bad ones are the more basic ones in which, Madison Beer was a dead cheerleader (which come on, who hasn’t been that). The only creative aspect of this costume is that she is “dead”.

Rihanna had a very common outfit that lacked creativity when she wore all black and drew a skeleton on her face. I see many people do this every year and I feel like it has gotten old.

Featured image from LAtimes

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