Always Sunny’s Awe-striking Finale

Always Sunny’s Awe-striking Finale

By Jack N.

FX’s It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is known for its highly controversial takes on matters like gun control, abortion, and police violence. The show never takes itself seriously as it tackles these hot topics.

This blend of controversy and comedy has led to Always Sunny being on the air for a 13 seasons. Recently Always Sunny was picked up for its 14th season.

The shows creator, Rob McElhenney, plays the often ridiculed character Mac. Midway through Season 12 Mac’s character, after much speculation, came out of the closet as a gay.

Always Sunny is known for its edgy plots and dialogue, but having Mac officially come out as gay had a huge impact with the LGBTQ community.

McElhenney was quoted as saying, “I had a massive response [from] our fans in the LGBTQ community that reached out and told me how moved they were and how important it was to them that they felt represented on a show that they loved. I was not expecting that — I mean, thousands and thousands and thousands of people.”

Since then, the show has touched on Mac’s sexuality from time to time, until last night’s season 13 finale “Mac Finds His Pride”. The episode finds Danny Devito’s out-of-touch character Frank trying to help Mac find his gay pride.

Throughout the episode, Frank tries to help Mac come out to his incarcerated and unloving father, Luther. In the previous twelve seasons, Mac’s character is known for his flair for the dramatic and his clumsiness. So when Mac revealed his plan to show his father his sexuality was through an interpretive dance, Frank and the audience awaited an embarrassing mess from Mac.

With a whole prison cell block, Frank, and Luther watching Mac delivered one of the most heartfelt and staggering scenes in Always Sunny history. In this case words weren’t enough as Mac, along with an unnamed character, played by professional ballerina Kylie Shea, put on a shockingly beautiful dance.

Midway through Mac’s amazing performance his father Luther gets up and leaves, distressing the vulnerable Mac. Mac then delivers the end of his dance to a standing ovation from the cell block and Frank. Frank, delivering an uncharacteristic line, says, “Oh my God, I get it. I get it.”

McElhenney’s character Mac over the last 14 years has gone through multiple weight changes from being overweight in Season 7 to being very fit in the most recent Season 13. McElhenney’s plan for Mac’s stunning finale had been in place since Season 12 as the actor buffed up over the filming break.

The episode, most significantly the final 5 minutes, is being praised and celebrated by the LGBTQ community.

Always Sunny over the last 14 years has become more and more successful and strong as was clearly shown in Season 13’s uncharacteristic and inspiring finale.

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