Mrs. Leydon; Duxbury Art

Mrs. Leydon; Duxbury Art

By Anouk L.

Mrs. Leydon teaches all levels of art in the high school including a first-level drawing and painting classes, one second-level drawing and painting, AP Studio, AP Digital, and Creative Imaging.

“I love my classes,” said Mrs. Leydon. “We are busy but we are doing very well.”

She has been teaching for 28 years, though at first, art was more of a hobby and less of a profession.

“I think art kind of fell on me more than I decided,” said Mrs. Leydon. “But I really wouldn’t change a thing.”

In regards to her goals, she said, “When I can stop and look at what’s around me and find beauty in it, that’s inspiring to me. And that’s what I would like students to do as well. To just take a moment and pause and see what’s surrounding them. That will be a gift of sight pretty much for their rest of their lives. That’s really what’s the hope is.”

A permanent art project conceived by Mrs. Leydon was the animal stickers on the walls of the High School. Mrs. Leydon said that she was often confused about the different floors so she had the idea of those animals. On the first floor, the students created marine animals. The second floor has been decorated with jungle animals, and the last floor with sky animals.

Besides her work at the school, Mrs. Leydon also finds the time to practice her own art. She said, “My daughter lives in Australia, so my granddaughter and grandson live there too. I do a lot of their portraits and when I miss them, I paint then. It’s a way for me to feel connected.” As well as her strong connection with her family, she hopes to connect to her students.

In each of Mrs. Leydon’s classes, she fosters a positive learning environment.  

“[I] want everybody to feel successful in what they’re doing, so that they like it, [and they] take pride in it.”

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