Red Sox Win The World Series

Red Sox Win The World Series

If you are a Red Sox fan than this 2018 World Series couldn’t have gone better.

The Red Sox started out the series with two wins in a row. From the looks of this many people including me were thinking the Red Sox were about to sweep the world series against the Dodgers.

Sadly, game three ended up in an upset with the Dodgers taking the win after a long game that went into eighteen extra innings and didn’t end until around three am. Game four had arrived and the Red Sox secured their third win in the series.

Finally, on October 28th in Los Angeles, the Dodgers and the Red Sox faced off in game five of the series where the Red Sox had an opportunity to win it all. Over forty million people gather in their houses, bars, and at the stadium to watch the World Series game five.

Right within the first thirty minutes of the game the Red Sox hitter, Steve Pearce hit a two-run home run that set the Red Sox two runs up. This didn’t just give the Red Sox a big physical lead but it gave them and their fans a big lead and gave them tons of hope.

Less than ten minutes later the Dodger run one of their players David Freese into home plate setting the game at 2-1. Into the third inning, David Price has thrown thirty-eight pitches. The third inning ends still 2-1, Red Sox up. No points are scored for the next three innings leaving Red Sox and Dodgers fans in suspense waiting to see what will happen next.

Finally, in the sixth inning, Mookie Betts hit a solo shot that landed in the left-field seats. Boston led 3-1. The sixth inning ended as Brock Hold made a nice backhand grab. In the seventh inning, Boston scores again. J.D. Martinez takes a Kershaw pitch to deep center outfield for a homerun. Then, Steve Pearce scored again for the Red Sox to secure a 5-1 lead in the eighth inning.

Joe Kelly took over for Price in the eighth inning and pitched some of the cleanest pitches as a baseball fan I have ever seen. Joe Kelly let out a adrenaline filled celebration after striking out Bellinger of the Dodgers, which assured most Red Sox fans they will win the 2018 World Series.

The Dodgers entered complete panic mode as they were down four runs with one inning remaining. As suspected Craig Kimbrell struck out three Dodgers and the Red Sox won the World Series.

Everyone went crazy filling Red Sox fans nationwide with joy. Finally we got the opportunity to catch up with multiple local Red Sox fans to see how they felt about the win. Senior Matt P. said “I nearly cried while watching the game. Tons of emotion filled my house as my family and I gathered to watch the game. We were quite excited to see our home team secure the win.”

Fellow senior Liam K. said, “I honestly didn’t think the Sox were gonna be too good this year let alone get over 100 season wins and then win the World Series.”

Being from the Boston area you could tell that the general mood was excited in Duxbury and tons of people attended the Red Sox parade in Boston. Go Red Sox!

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