Styling Into the Cold Months

Styling Into the Cold Months

By Melanie L.

Winter and fall are the colder and more tricky seasons for fashion because you have to stay warm while dressing to impress. Many layers can be added to outfits to stay warm, but DHS students shouldn’t let bulky clothes get in the way of staying trendy.

Some of the students and staff of Duxbury High school enjoy the colder seasons.

“Fall and winter are my favorite seasons for fashion, said Josh P.,  a senior at DHS, “because I love layers and so many more things such as accessories like hats, boots and scarves are available.”

Mr. Mael, a teacher at Duxbury, shares his snowy secrets on how he stays warm and fashionable during the winter.

“My main pieces during winter are a pair of UGG boots from the Tom Brady men’s collection, my awesome green Duxbury dragon scarf and my staple Bruins winter hat”.

For women’s fashion, senior Emily B. has a different approach: sweaters.

“I always wear sweaters because they are comfy and cute.”

As long as you stay warm, dress to express your own personal fashion, and try to bring new trends into the fashion world, you will sleigh this holiday season.

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