The Midterm Elections

After countless campaigns and several suspenseful debates, the midterm elections have finally come to a close, at least here in Massachusetts. One week ago on November 6th, over a hundred million people (according to the New York Times) all across America took to the polls and voted for representatives in federal, state, and local offices. In the U.S. Congress, the majority of the vote shifted from Republican to Democratic, and many states typically known for their far-right status did not maintain their position. Democrats now have the majority of the seats in the House of Representatives, but just the opposite in the Senate, where the bulk of the seats are now taken up by Republicans. However, at least two races (Florida and Mississippi) have not yet been decided. Across the board, there were numerous intense elections that resulted in many surprising changes to federal, state and local offices. Now that the midterm elections are over, the presidential campaigns for 2020 will soon be commencing.

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