Newest Addition to the Duxbury High School Curriculum: Time and Tides

Newest Addition to the Duxbury High School Curriculum: Time and Tides

By Olivia E.

Duxbury Public Schools has decided to add Time and Tides, a new course to the Duxbury High School curriculum catalog.  

Ms. Hart, a longtime Latin teacher at Duxbury High School, is one of the teacher advisors for the new course.  

According to Ms. Hart, “Time and Tides is a two-block interdisciplinary stewardship program where students learn about different places in their community and the community of Duxbury and are able to give back in some way.” Essentially, the course is to provide students with an alternative way of learning.

Students who are enrolled in the course are really looking forward to its start next semester.

Phil F., a senior at Duxbury, said, “I would like to learn more about the community and kind of how it works to have a larger sense of knowledge rather than just what I can learn in school.” Phil, being a senior, is thinking about his plans for next year. Time and Tides is supposed to be a influential program helping students connect with the world around them. The course not only caught Phil’s attention due to the learning experience, but the overall life skills, “I think it is definitely more real-world, much further outside of the classroom, connecting with actual businesses, which is good life-skill to have.”

The learning objectives of the course vary in the many life-skills one needs to succeed. Ms. Hart said, “The learning objectives depends on what unit we are working on, but we want students to learn to work collaboratively, learn to give back to the community, learn about how to interview, learn how to write a personal narrative, learn about the effects of the weather on erosion and perhaps helping the beach preservation with problems that Duxbury is facing.”

Since it is a two-block course, there were some scheduling difficulties for junior and senior students interested. Phil F., for example, had to drop a full-year of AP Economics. This was a personal sacrifice for Phil, “It was a course I was really interested in, in terms of pursuing it in college.”

The overall course is supposed to have a very positive effect on the students and faculty of Duxbury High School. Ms. Hart said, “I think it will have a very positive effect on the students at Duxbury because they are going to be working collaboratively, they are going to be going out in the community and helping people who need their help from the community, so they are giving back to the place from which they came.”

When it came to deciding to add this course to the curriculum at Duxbury High School, members of the faculty took charge and branched out to learn more about other similar programs all over the state to build off of. Ms. Hart compares Time and Tides to a program called Rivers and Revolutions in Concord MA at Concord Carlisle High School, “Their program is a little different in that it is a one semester, pretty much all day long class and ultimately that is what we want our Time and Tides to look like.” The program would ultimately have a teacher from each department representing every core subject, “The faculty will be working together, working with kids, and the kids will work under themes opposed to under particular disciplines or subject matter.” Some of the activities that have already been planned for second semester include interviewing members of the Duxbury Senior Center, creating ideas for short stories, and working under the theme of erosion in terms of our own Duxbury Beach.

The future of Time and Tides is looking bright and the faculty advisors are hopeful that it will have many years of success here at Duxbury High School.

Credits to Ms. Hart for the Featured Image.

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