My First Thanksgiving

My First Thanksgiving

By Anouk L.

For my first Thanksgiving in the United States, my host family and I drove to Buffalo, New York. I didn’t really know what to expect from this holiday. For me, Thanksgiving was assumed to be a big feast where we could eat turkey. I didn’t know much more about it, but I could guess it was important to celebrate it with the family because it was a really long ride to join them.

I learned in my history class here that Thanksgiving celebrated the tradition of Days of Fasting of the Pilgrims and Puritans who emigrated from England. I discovered with excitement what the Thanksgiving feast was made of. My plate was colorful, filled with mash potatoes and butternut, turkey (of course), sausages, stuffing, sprouts with bacon and cranberries with oranges sauce.

I think my favorite foods were the mashed potato and butternut, the turkey–because it was very well-cooked–and the pecan pie! There were also for dessert pumpkins pie and cheesecakes, but the pecan pie is from far my favorite. It has a really nice consistency, sometimes close to caramel. I love the crunchy part of the pecans on the top, and the chocolate at the bottom of the pie makes it even better.

My least favorite food was everything which includes cinnamon because I’m not a huge fan of this spice. The apple pie with cinnamon was not too bad but the apple mash had a lot of cinnamon in it so I didn’t like it too much.

I really loved the atmosphere of Thanksgiving. It was close to chaos when the cooking time came, but my host family was really happy to spend time together because this holiday is almost the only time they have to be reunited. The house was very loud and I’m almost positive laughs could be heard from outside when we were all together playing board games. The fireplace was warm, the dog adored by the children, and everybody was just enjoying their time.  

My host mother told me before the holiday that Thanksgiving was her favorite one because there was no pressure about the gifts like Christmas and it was just a nice time and meal with the family. There were three generations in the house which made things confusing for me at first to memorize everybody but it was definitely a lot of fun. Watching the parade on TV made me realized how big Thanksgiving was in the United States. I’m going to miss all those traditions back in France because there is no equivalent there.

Feature image from danielhallpresentsdotcom at Creative Commons.

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