On Target for the Black Friday deals

On Target for the Black Friday deals

By: Jack D



Many people have wondered what it’s like behind the scenes of Black Friday. Plenty of people go Black Friday shopping without ever once thinking about behind the scenes. I lived through eight and a half hours of working through Black Friday at Target.

I woke up that morning at six in order to get to work on time which was the earliest I ever went to work. I was very nervous as I had no idea what to expect but was excited to get paid holiday pay for a long shift. I pulled up to the nearly full parking lot and was surprised by the line at the door. There must have been two hundred people at least in line. I was grateful I didn’t have to wait in that and walked to the employee entrance. Target had provided us with free food and drinks all day which was nice. I clocked in with bated breath and prepared to step out onto the sales floor The insanity ensued with the opening of the door.

The scariest part of Black Friday is the first two hours. The first two hours consist of everyone who was camping out or is an extreme shopper. They are there for only the biggest ticket items and are willing to fight for them. This year the store did not open until 7 am unlike the usual 1 am due to new Blue Laws. Blue Laws are laws in Massachusetts that dictate the hours a business can stay open for. The biggest sale on TVs cleared out within twenty minutes of opening and the weighted blankets were gone by eight. The line wrapped throughout the store and required three different staff members just to manage the line.

The next wave of Black Friday shoppers is the recreational shoppers. They are just seeing what deals the stores have left and to say they went out on Black Friday. They treat it more as a special event so they are not fighting one another for the deals. These people are generally teenagers or families who buy one or two small things that are on sale.

The main job most employees were given was to keep the store looking nice and helping customers carry the TVs and furniture to their car. The main problem in keeping the store looking nice was the toys section. Somebody had gone through and knocked over an entire display of legos which in turn flooded the aisle with large boxes of legos. Overall, Black Friday went off without a hitch as no serious injuries happened and nobody robbed the store. The store might have been chaos but it was just a little bit more manageable than it was projected to be.

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