DuxBuds: Where Unexpected Friendships Bloom

DuxBuds: Where Unexpected Friendships Bloom

DuxBuds, formerly known as Best Buddies, is a group of approximately 80 students working to build friendships with kids who have intellectual disabilities. The club’s aim is to provide support and lend a hand to those in Duxbury High School who want to be part of a group, or want to get to know someone with a disability.

The main goal of DuxBuds is no different than that of the Best Buddies organization. Mrs. Sullivan and Mrs. Bonneau serve as co-advisors of the newly rebranded club, along with Jess M and Julia B as president and vice president.

“It’s our Duxbury version of Best Buddies,” said Mrs. Sullivan. “We decided to run it on our own as a Duxbury High School community program, where we could cut financial requirements for Best Buddies.”

Since the club is now independent, there are more funds to spend on activities such as field trips, talent shows, team dinners, and movie nights. All of these activities are also done in group settings, in order for everyone to get to know one another and not just their buddy.

“We have a one on one friendship, but everyone is in a group setting,” said Mrs. Sullivan. “It allows us to get more involved with the kids.”

There are also in-school meetings every Thursday and a monthly chapter meeting that everyone must attend, although many cannot due to sports practice or other commitments. Before joining any club, and especially this one, it’s important to consider schedule overlaps that may occur.

Mrs. Sullivan emphasized that DuxBuds is a selfless club built on the idea of everlasting friendships. According to Mrs. Sullivan, there should be no ulterior motive for joining.

“I don’t want kids joining just to put it on their college resume,” said Mrs. Sullivan. “I wouldn’t even try to convince people unless they really wanted to join because it’s a commitment to having a lasting friendship.”

Jess M., President of DuxBuds, also made a very important point about the intentions of the club and why she has been involved.

“A disability shouldn’t define who you truly are, and shouldn’t dictate who you’re friends with.” she said,  “the goal really is to break down those barriers and not separate them from us.”

“It’s a good opportunity for everyone to have,” said Jess, “and it’s honestly just so fun.”

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