Shelter in Place Protocols

Shelter in Place Protocols

Ben Acker


On November 28th, at 1:00, DHS experienced a Shelter in place due to an anonymous report that a student had brought a weapon into the building. This report turned out to be false, but the sudden experience left many confused about what to do at the time.

What is a Shelter in place? How does it differ from a lockdown?

“A Shelter in place is a term used for anytime that students need to be secure in classrooms” said Mr. Donovan, principal of DHS. “These can include medical emergencies, fires, police actions, behavioral, or security issues outside and inside of the school. The goal is for teachers and students to continue learning with minimal disruption.”

Unlike a Shelter in place, a lockdown is a scenario where there is an active emergency inside the school that threatens the safety of students. The goal is to keep everyone safe until help arrives.

The Shelter in place that took place a few weeks ago occurred during lunch, so many student were not in their classrooms. Where should you go if you aren’t in a classroom.

“If a Shelter in place happens during lunch, you should go right to the gym–as most [students] did. If you’re in the halls, get to a classroom, and if you are in the bathroom, go back to class.” said Mr. Donovan.

The DHS staff has been trained on what to do in a Shelter in place, where to evacuate to, and what the police response looks like.

After an assembly this past Wednesday, it was established that students should be to provided with more information on these occurrences, and how to avoid any confusion they may have had. This was exactly what the assembly did, as it detailed the security procedures for a variety of events, from a lockdown to a Shelter in place.

Mr. Donovan expressed that he is proud of how the students and teachers acted in the Shelter in place a few weeks ago, as they acted exactly how they should have.

“The safety of our students is most important, [and] we have taken steps as a school to improve how we respond to all sorts of scenarios,” said Mr. Donovan.


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