The Real Cost of Coffee

The Real Cost of Coffee

By Hannah G.

This past week, I spent every day going to Dunkin’ Donuts before school. Each day I bought a coffee and donut to see how much it would cost if I got coffee everyday all year. In total, the coffee, $2.25, and donut, $1.19, cost $3.68 each day,. This resulted in a whopping $18.40 each week. After learning these crazy facts, I interviewed three students, junior, Grace P., junior Lindsey B., and senior Emma S., about the real cost of coffee.

Lindsey never gets coffee before school, Emma gets coffee one or two days out of five, and Grace gets coffee four days out of five.

Often, students will use their parents money to pay for these pricey breakfasts. Grace said she uses her parents money and that it serves as a deterrent to go overboard on the coffee.

“[I] buy less because [I] do not want to waste their money.”

Although students try not to be wasteful of others money, they sometimes can’t help it. Many students at Duxbury High School have come to depend on their daily dose of caffeine.

According to Emma,  many students may get coffee before school “because students believe they are addicted to caffeine.”

This little experiment with coffee has showed me how much money I’ve wasted on something I do not necessarily need before school everyday. In the future, I’m going to try and limit the amount of days I get coffee before school to save my money and maybe sleep for a few extra minutes in the morning.

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