Cannabis “CAN’T” at Duxplex

Cannabis “CAN’T” at Duxplex

By Olivia E.

There has been non-stop talk about the rumors behind turning the Duxplex into a cannabis growing facility. Duxplex, as many know, is only about a half a mile down the road from the schools. Currently, it is used for indoor sporting practices and classes.

Matthew Walsh, who is the manager of the facility, is in favor of transforming the facility, said in a post on the Duxbury Helping Duxbury Facebook group, “The relevant law states that towns can’t prohibit medical cannabis if applicants are in full compliance with state and local laws. Although there is no formal appeal of a denial by the selectman, the risk of being sued by either the cannabis folks (not likely) or the relevant landlord (would not be me) is real. Duxbury voted in support of legalizing medical cannabis by slightly over 60% and other towns in the Commonwealth did too.”

Mr. Walsh was able to provide some of the answers to the frequently asked questions.

“Here are the FACTS:

  1. The site would be used solely for medical cultivation only. NO RETAIL or manufacturing.
  2. The property would be deed restricted to prevent any subsequent owner to engage retail in this context.
  3. Our schools would be given an annual donation from the tenant of (between) 75K and 175K to use as they wish. The same amount would be donated to other town entities (to be divided) like Police, Senior Center, Fire etc.
  4. The exterior of the building and parking area would stay the same with the exception of removing the front 3 windows and a 6’ wooden perimeter fence would be installed.There won’t be a need for armed security, the wooden fence will not be stockade, and there will be no noise. Tenant uses a state of the art water drip system with almost no waste. Est. 300-500 gal per day.
  5. There would be thirty new jobs created and no other traffic.
  6. The tenant’s other like businesses have no history of security breaches or complaints of odor.”

Many have expressed concern in terms of the odor that the growing of the cannabis would produce, along with the noise and lighting involved. Mr. Walsh said, “The ZBA and selectmen will make sure that the tenant invests in the proper equipment (i.e. high and air filtration and highest quality condensers etc.)”

More specifically, many parents have been opposed to this operation due to concerns about the safety of their children. Mr. Walsh has been managing Duxplex from the beginning and has even declined to sell junk food and beer/wine at the current sports facility, he said, “Most local indoor facilities sell those things to generate significant revenue that justify their short busy season: The old Jungleplex used to have a full liquor license (and still may), as well as the Hanover U and an indoor turf facility in Hingham. Selling alcohol to parents as they watch their kids participate at Duxplex and then attend school in a ZERO tolerance school district seems like the wrong message to me and I have always refused.”

The use of medical cannabis is increasing as the field of medicine somewhat relies on its purpose for patients. As the amount of facilities that grow marijuana increase and the use of the drug spreads, it is important that parents portray the importance to their children, Mr. Walsh said, “A greenhouse for medical cannabis certainly will need to be explained to our children; health benefits, its positive effects on the opiate crisis, etc. Sounds like it could be subjectively a positive message.”

“I heard my parents talking about it. I was just surprised because it seems like it is so close to the school, in a school zone, so I don’t know how why they would think of putting it in that specific location,” said Maddie E, a current senior.

Mr. Walsh, who is also a resident of Duxbury responds to the community, “I have lived and worked in Town for over 21 years. For the life of me… I can’t see the harm to him or anyone else’s child by their knowing that medicine grows in a building that they walk by.”

There was a town meeting that took place last Thursday discussed the operation of turning the Duxplex into a cannabis growing facility and came to a definite conclusion, Mr. Walsh said in an email exchange, “Duxplex is going to remain. Duxplex was built to be an indoor sports facility and it will remain.”

Credits to the Duxplex Twitter account for the Featured Image. (@Duxplex)

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