Leaving It All On The Field – Senior Football Players Final Season

Leaving It All On The Field – Senior Football Players Final Season

People are engineered to live in tribal communities where you interact with the same people on a regular basis and rely on each other for survival. Unfortunately, this is missing from modern society as advanced technology has isolated us by allowing us to easily live by ourselves.

Although, this sense of community can still be in today’s society. This is evident in the military, poor communities, and sports teams. When we live in groups of people that rely on one another to succeed, we build powerful bonds between each other and share a sense of comradery amongst the group. 

For example, the Duxbury football team has been relying on each other to reach success for years now. The team has created a bond among teammates that can only be built through hardship, failure, and success. Unfortunately, this will inevitably end due to the design of a high school sports team and the graduation of senior athletes.

It is a sad day for the team once the season has ended and the bond that they have cultivated over years is broken. Many seniors are experiencing this emotional departure during their final year of high school sports.

It is important to know that a majority of the team have played alongside their teammates since they were young. Senior Brendan C. has played with his teammates for twelve years and helped to lead his team to the state semifinals this season.

Brendan has forged deep-rooted friendships with his teammates over the years and has definitely experienced a powerful sense of community within his team.

“[I will miss] just how tight-knit the team was,” said Brendan. “I mean everyone was friends and we got along really well. It feels like saying goodbye to a family.”

This is a perfect representation of how the team has become something of a family rather than just a group of athletes playing a sport. The team has seen success and failure as one unit, together in their struggle to succeed. Brendan clearly expressed the bond shared between his team which will last far after the end of their season.

When Brendan was describing football as a whole, he said, “It has been a big part of my life for a really long time and I’ve made a lot of lifelong friends playing football.”

It isn’t difficult to admire and long after this bond shared between a team whether your a sports fan or not.

Photo from – Twitter @DuxAthletics


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