New Year’s Resolutions or Neverlutions

New Year’s Resolutions or Neverlutions

By Melanie L.

Every year when the clock strikes midnight on January 1, people across the country resurrect themselves into a new beginning for a new year. It is a common tradition for people to challenge themselves to be the best they can be or to change an aspect of themselves they have been meaning to change.

Junior, Julia C., a junior at Duxbury High School, is the student director of the school musical this year. With that added responsibility, she has spent a considerable amount of time looking toward the future.

“My new year’s resolution is to make the musical the best it can be, and to improve every day.”

Julia has been working hard ever since she made the resolution and believes that the musical is almost there, but could still be improved.

Not everyone has the same resolutions though.

Senior, Mel C., a senior at DHS, has a different resolution from Julia’s and says he wants to “Drink less coffee because I spend too much money on it.” Mel C. has only been going once a week to fix his “coffee addiction”.

Junior Emily B. has a very different approach to many of her teen peers and says “I would like to use my phone less because I feel as if everyone is on it too much and that being unplugged for little may benefit me in a positive way.” To change this, Emily has set a specific amount of time she can be on her phone each day.

However, Emily is not confident she will live up to her resolution. “ Resolutions are really superficial because no one actually follows them. They make you feel productive when really, you are not doing anything.”

In an increasingly cynical world, many students and faculty at DHS don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions.

When asked if New Year’s resolutions were important, Ms. Jones, a physical education teacher at DHS, said, “I think they can be good for a fresh start but personally don’t think they are important.”

For many students at DHS, a resolution appears to be what you make of it.


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