Senioritis: The Only Known Cure is Graduation

Senioritis: The Only Known Cure is Graduation

By Kacy C.

Four years of high school can take a lot out of a person. By the time many high school seniors hit the midway mark of their senior year or know where they are going to college, there may be a decline in motivation or performance. This is commonly known as Senioritis.  

Senioritis has been seen across Duxbury High School towards the last half of the year, with some Seniors already feeling or seeing the effects on their peers. Such is the case with senior Giovanna H. “I’ve seen Senioritis take effect as early as junior year. Kids start thinking about college and they just really kind of check out,” says Giovanna.

At any given time during the year, senior’s motivation to finish school assignments or even go to class can visibly decrease. Underclassmen like sophomore Serena F. see the effects of Senioritis every day. “Senioritis could definitely be a problem,” says Serena. “People get home and complain about doing the homework and right when they finish they just crash. It happens every day.”

Some people think that Senioritis could affect students chances of graduating, which is the case with junior Kaelyn B. “It can be an issue. If they are taking classes that they need to be able to graduate and they fail them it is because they either don’t go or don’t do the work. It can definitely be a problem.”

However, some Seniors don’t see it as a major issue.

“Everyone for the most part still gets through High School so I don’t think it poses any major issue. Some kids just talk about how they are really just ready to leave. It doesn’t really harm anyone.” says Giovanna.

Photo Credit: Kacy Cameron

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