Shifting Gears or Riding With Peers

Shifting Gears or Riding With Peers

By: Jack D

Many high school students own cars that they use to get to school, yet, on the opposite end,  many students do not have a car. There are undoubtedly pros and cons between owning a car and relying on alternative means of transportation. The main benefit for a highschooler owning a car is the freedom they get from it.


Harsh P., a senior at Duxbury high school, does not currently have a car. He said “I would not like a car. I prefer riding in cars, but would not want to drive myself or others to places.”


Ms. Quilty, a staff member of the DHS main office, said, “There is a lot of drivers this year but there is significantly less than two years ago.”


As well as parking in the school parking lot, students choose to park at Duxplex, a student athletic complex a short walk away.


Ryan D, a senior at Duxbury High School who parks at the Duxplex said: “I park at the Duxplex because it was cheaper to park there and I have a few tardies so my spot would not be much better at the school.”


Liam C., a senior who drives to school every day said, “ I love all of the freedom owning and driving my car gives me.” He also went on to say, “I enjoy driving my friends as my other friends drove me before I had a car so I try to return the favor whenever possible. Driving is my zen when I am alone.”


Overall, The junior and senior classes have more drivers than passengers, but there are still many students who choose not to get their licenses as they believe it better to be a passenger.


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