AirPods take over DHS

AirPods take over DHS

By Ben Acker


A new trend seems to have taken over Duxbury High School and many other schools across America this month: AirPods. As one of Apple’s newest products, they AirPods are a new type of headphone.

AirPods are completely wireless, connect to phones or computers with bluetooth, and have a physical user interface that detects taps and in-ear placement.

AirPods are nothing too new, in fact, they were originally released over two years ago. They currently cost over one hundred dollars on Amazon, and have become quite popular among high school students across America recently.

“I like my Airpods,” said senior Cam B., “I think that the pricing is a bit high, but at the same time they are capable of a lot.”

One concern that deters some from purchasing AirPods up until this point is that without wires, it looks as though they might fall out of your ears easily.

“I don’t like them,” Said Senior Joe D. “Over a hundred dollars for headphones that are very small, and easy to lose. I actually liked the wires because if they fell out of your ears they never went more than an arms length away from you.”

According to some people, AirPods actually don’t fall out as easily as you would expect.

“I got my Airpods for Christmas and I love them,” said junior Jaden B. “They haven’t fallen out of my ears yet, and I don’t listen to them in class.”



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