Can You Imagine Being a Bratz Doll?

Can You Imagine Being a Bratz Doll?

By Melanie L.

Can you imagine living as a Bratz doll? Imagine not being able to move unless someone makes you move. You’d go about your day waiting for your owner to come back from school and play with you. You would have a humongous closet filled to the brim with so many clothes. Clothes with different prints like snakeskin, plaid, and cheetah, but would not be able to touch them unless your owner made you.

Most days, when your owner leaves, the dog will come and rip you apart. Sometimes it will leave with different body parts like your head or your arm. Then your owner will come back from school and will have to hunt for your body parts like a game of hide and seek. She finds your head in the dog’s mouth with chew marks on it. The owner takes you back to her room and cleans and dresses you.

Your owner leaves for soccer practice and after she leaves, you hear stomping down the hall. Then, you see someone break through your owner’s door. Then you realize that it’s….. the owner’s brother. The worst of them all. He takes your head and then slams it into the toilet and tries to flush it down, but it won’t flush. He then takes your hair and lights it on fire. After all your hair is burned off your owner comes home and sees what her brother did and yells at him. She then takes you sadly and throws you in the trash.

The next day you hear the owner come through the door and see through a peephole a new doll. You try to cry but instead, it turns into a plastic sparkle in your eye. 

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