Switching Fields: High School to Collegiate Athletics

Switching Fields: High School to Collegiate Athletics

By Olivia E.

There are a number of current senior athletes at Duxbury High School that will be taking their talent to the collegiate level next year. Whether it be Division I, II, or III, all are expected to make a big impact on each individual roster.

Nonetheless, being a student-athlete in high school is tough, but in college, it is even harder. Stephen F., who is committed to play basketball at Emerson College next year, said, “I knew that I wanted to play in college right when I realized I loved basketball. I just wanted to play as long as I could and the more and more I played, the more I realized I could play at that next level.”

The recruiting process is not always easy, especially with the rules and regulations nowadays. “The most stressful part of the recruiting process for me was probably all of the commitments schools wanted me to make and the pressure put on me making decisions about certain schools and when to let one go,” said Quinn M., who is playing football at Notre Dame next year, “having to tell the coach of a certain college I am not interested after receiving a full ride offer was one of the most stressful things I have had to do in my life.”

Julia B., who is committed to play lacrosse at Boston College said, “The most stressful part of my recruiting process was how early it was. My recruiting process began fall of my freshman year.”

Committing to a school comes with responsibility. After securing yourself to a certain school, it doesn’t mean that it is official. Quinn M. said, “I originally committed to Princeton this past summer, junior year heading into senior year. In around November I realized that this was not the best path for me and with some concerning factors I decided to change my commitment and committed to Notre Dame.” It takes time deciding what schools are best suited for you on all levels, Quinn M. said, “Princeton being the prestigious school that it is, I jumped on quickly and committed. I thought this was easily the best education I could possibly receive. After some issues there, I realized that I would not fit as well in a school like that compared to others.”

When it comes to deciding what college is the best suitable for an individual both athletically and academically, it can be difficult. Julia B. said, “I decided on Boston College because it offers challenging academics, I love the location, and the coaches never cease to amaze me.” Quinn M. said, “After I had my set list of schools who had offered me a spot, I really broke it down on where I would fit and eventually play at. Academics was also a huge factor, I stuck to more highly academic ranked schools and where I could truly achieve with my education. I really focused on my coaches for the next four years and went with who would really be there for me and help me truly achieve my goals. Once I took a visit to Notre Dame and met the coaches in person I realized this was the best spot for me athletically and academically.” Stephen F. said, “Emerson has one of the best communications programs in the country, and its tailored for what I want to do after college. It also is in a great location, has a good coaching staff, and I like a lot of the kids too.”

Stephen, Quinn, and Julia each gave their personal advice for current high school athletes who are looking to play a sport in college. Stephen F. said, “Don’t stop putting in the effort. A year ago it wouldn’t have been feasible for me to play in college, so you just have to keep pushing if you want something bad enough.” Quinn M. said, “My advice would be to really involve your coach and go to them with any concerns and issues. I would say talk everything over with your family and loved ones, the people who got you to where you are today. Also, do not choose the lesser academic school because they might have more glory, gear, and money, choose the one who will set you up for your next forty years of life.” Julia B. said, “Know all your options before making any decision. Never be scared to ask for help from high school/club coaches. Don’t be afraid to ask college coaches lots of questions.”

The three athletes will now just be focusing on getting ready for next year, both mentally and physically. Quinn M . said, “Currently, my training is 100% physically, I am training day in and day out to get to where I need to be at the next level. I would say I am a very mature independent person so the mental part as not been a huge issue for me, I know what I need to do and how to achieve my childhood dream and it is right in front of me.” Stephen F. said, “I am going to continue to improve my game and my body so I can be as prepared as I can for next season.”

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