Are Birds Real?

Are Birds Real?

By: Jack D

The rumor that birds aren’t real is gaining in popularity as the latest conspiracy theory.

It is believed that the birds are actually government drones sent out to spy on the people of the world. It is believed that the last bird died in 2001 due to the government performing a mass extinction on the real birds. This movement started in 2017 around the time China announced bird drones would be used in battle to spy on enemies or terrorists. This caused many to doubt the birds in the United States.

The patriot act was the act that was believed to end the mass bird genocide. They explain that the eggs are farmed in greenhouses and sent through tubes buried under chicken coops. The bird truthers believe it works like the bank tubes. It is believed the flightless birds were for undersea exploration and the larger birds were more of a stationary patrol unit.

The final belief is the reason the birds sit on power lines is due to the fact that they need to charge as they operate off of batteries. It almost seems like a joke yet there are more than sixty Instagram pages with tens of thousands of followers. Popular social media influencers like Pewdiepie have begun to recognize the conspiracy as fact. The bird truthers are on a quest to spread the feathered gospel. The feathered gospel is them spreading their belief that birds aren’t real.  

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