Patriots Parade

Patriots Parade

by Harry Settel

Last Sunday, February 3rd, Super Bowl LIII took place, with the Los Angeles Rams against the New England Patriots. As most people from New England could have predicted, the Patriots won. This gave Tom Brady his sixth Super Bowl win, making him the quarterback with the most victories in history.

As tradition, Boston residents held the Patriots Parade that following Tuesday, where over one million people came and watched some of the best football players in the world drive around in duck boats and see their fans.

Because of the fortunate location, a town only 45 minutes from Boston, a large majority of Duxbury High School students went to the parade and had a great time.

Senior, Henry R., went to the parade. He said, “I went with my six friends and we really couldn’t have asked for a better day for it. It was sunny and 60 degrees outside and me and my friends took the ferry in from the harbor in Hingham right into the long wharf in Boston. We got to see Tom Brady and Gronk which felt very surreal.”

Another student who attended, junior, Holly M., said, “I went up to Boston on the T and it was insanely crowded. We barely got on the T to begin with, and the Conductor had to get out and yell at people because there [were] so many people on it that the doors couldn’t close.

“We got there super early, so we got front row and got to see Gronk and Tom like 10 feet away from us.” Holly continued, “After the parade, we just spent the day in Boston.”

Overall, it was a great day for everyone in Boston, especially for Duxbury High School students, not for the staff though, as over 300 students chose not to come to school.

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