One Test That Causes So Much Stress

One Test That Causes So Much Stress

By Piper G.

One obstacle that juniors at Duxbury High School have to face is taking the SATs.The SATs (short for the Scholastic Assessment Test), for many is very stressful as it is a huge component of getting into college.   The test (which is four hours long) has two reading and writing sections, two math sections and one response where the student writes an essay. For many, the idea of one test playing such a huge role in where you go to college is frightening, which leads to many prepping extensively for the test.

There are many options for students wishing to prep for the SATs.  There are multiple test-prep companies that tutor students specifically for the SATs, tutors that students can meet with, online services, and practice tests available.  

Junior Deirdre S., who has not taken the SATs said “I’ll definitely do some prep on Khan Academy.”   Khan Academy is a website that teaches subjects ranging from chemistry to world history, and also has ACT and SAT prep.  Deirdre also added that she feels like she is prepared for the most part for the test just from her classes at school.

Juniors typically begin taking the SATs midway through the year, however there is testing all throughout the summer and fall as well.  

Junior Lauren M., who has taken the SATs said, “I did not feel very prepared. I think the English [section] was quite easy but the math was pretty hard, especially as the section progressed.”

The SAT is such a difficult test because it has a limited amount of time for each section and is an excruciating four hours long.  

There are two English Language based sections and two Mathematics sections.  

Algebra 2 teacher Ms. O’Leary said, “I think math is something a lot of students are afraid of.”  Unfortunately, many students struggle with math as there are many ways of learning and often in traditional schooling math is taught one way.

“I think it’s the harder because students scores are lower because there is either content you know or you don’t know, but at the same time one of the benefits of the math section is that you have more ability to pull up your score if you cover the content and practice test-taking skills.”


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