What’s With This Weather?

What’s With This Weather?

By Liv Murphy

Here in New England, a big topic of conversation lately has been about the unusually dynamic weather. Hail, rain, sleet, and snow can be quite irritating while driving to school, walking home, or having to cancel plans because of it. A much more critical issue that is widely disputed by the media is the matter of climate change, and how extreme weather is related to it.

Student Jane B. expressed her hardships due to the significant changes in weather recently. She said, “When I walk from the student parking lot, the sidewalks get slippery and my shoes get really wet. Other than that, there haven’t been any drastic changes, except when there are severe storms and the electricity goes out.”

Living in places other than New England is probably unfathomable for most, however some students, like Jane B., have lived in different parts of the country in much different climates.

“I have lived in North Carolina and Texas. In both places, the summers were really hot, but the winters were pretty mild.” she said, “None of our moves were due to weather, but it is a thing I look at when considering colleges.”

Student Emma G. has also lived in a place other than New England, and the new climate had an impact on her daily life as well. She said, “I used to live in North Carolina and it had different weather, especially when it comes to consistency. There was a lot more wind than expected, and the amount of snow was also pretty new.”

Although extreme cold while trying to do daily activities affects many aspects of our daily lives, the exact opposite can also have a huge impact as well. Severe hot weather during the summer months has also been reported in the past few years as being detrimental.

English teacher, Mr. McWilliam said, “The past five years have been some of the coldest ever reported, however the weather actually affects me more in the summer.”

Mr. McWilliam has also lived in a place with a climate that is much different than New England’s. “I went to college in Chicago, and that was definitely an eye opener, coming from Duxbury.” he said, “I had seen NE winters, and thought how much worse could it be? The first winter when I was out there, it was -30 and -80 with a wind chill.”

These radical changes in statistics in weather over the past few years have had lasting impacts that cause people to adjust their daily lives. Scientists are taking conclusions like these, and finally putting an answer to the question of climate change. Although still a new topic of discussion in the media, many are beginning to realize that this extreme weather is related to it.

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