Serial Killers or Crime Thrillers?

Serial Killers or Crime Thrillers?


By: Jack D

The movies are changing the ways society looks at serial killers. They are no longer just going on facts but making audiences feel strong emotions other than hatred towards a serial killer. Some examples of these shows are You and Extremely Wicked.


In Extremely Wicked, the serial killer is played by Zac Efron which brings up strong controversy as people will go see it just to see Zac Efron. Zac Efron is most well known for his appearances in the High School Musical trilogy.


Samantha D. an eighth-grader at Duxbury Middle School said” Yes I think the media is romanticizing serial killers because instead of showing sympathy to the people who have lost their lives, they give fame and recognition to the serial killer.


Ryan D. a senior at Duxbury High School said, ”I don’t think Hollywood is romanticizing serial killers because they are still showing what they did. Although, they have more popular actors in order to get new viewers involved.”

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