Belle Behind the Scenes

Belle Behind the Scenes

By Kira B.

Shannon M., a junior at Duxbury High School, was cast as the role lead role of Belle in the school musical Beauty and the Beast this past winter. Since late October, the cast has been hard at work. Finally after three successful performances, it has paid off.

Shannon said she loved performing all three nights, and that each one was different. She said the first night was especially amazing because it was the first time the cast got a real audience reaction. “We got a standing ovation from everyone. I’ve never experienced anything like it,” said Shannon.

This year’s musical was one of the biggest DHS has seen yet. Over 1,000 people came to watch just on the first night, and every night they performed was completely sold out, according to Shannon.

With this many people in the crowd, the pressure and nerves can be overwhelming. Shannon however is “extremely professional, talented and sophisticated,” said Julia C., a junior at DHS who helped direct the musical.

Shannon said that she used to get really nervous when performing, but the more she would put herself out there, the more comfortable she would get.

“When I turned around and saw the crowd the first night, my heart dropped”, said Shannon. “But by the third night, I knew it was my last time, so I put my all into it.”

Even after the third show was over and the musical had officially come to an end, people did not stop talking about Shannon and her performance as Belle.

“Everybody that saw the show would not stop talking about how amazing her performance was,” said Julia. “She’s so incredible and you can really tell that she loves to perform.”

When she was little, Shannon wanted to grow up to be a singer. As she’s gotten older, Shannon has become not only an accomplished singer, but she has become an incredible performer.

“This is her thing. She just really knows how to take the stage. When she’s up there it’s just like she knows where she belongs,” Julia added.

According to Shannon, acting and singing is a passion. “It’s amazing to be able to become another person for a little bit. It’s like an escape from the real world, it’s like a fantasy”, she said.

Shannon has found something that she loves to do, and has used it to impact her friends within the musical, Duxbury High School, and this town.

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