Girl Power Prevails: Macbeth Moves onto Finals

Girl Power Prevails: Macbeth Moves onto Finals

By Kacy C.

At first glance, the spray painted set pieces and tattered army clothing of Duxbury High School’s States play may bring to mind words like, “anarchy” or “masculinity.” However, when the primarily female cast walks out onto the stage of the PAC, one can see the inquisitive looks of audience members as they try to figure out, “What play would consist of a post-apocalyptic cast of females?”

This year, the play Duxbury High selected for the METG competition was a post-apocalyptic take on the classic, Macbeth. States consists of High School Drama Troupes going head to head against each other in hopes of clinching the States title.

The changes to the classic play were overseen by senior, Julia Wonkka. Sarah C., sophomore, credits Julia with being the mastermind behind spinning this new version of Macbeth. “It was a very rewarding experience and I thank Julia Wonkka, the director, for allowing me to participate in such an inventive take on Macbeth. It is definitely not a typical take on the play and she held us all together,” said Sarah.

Not only is the show different in the sense that it is a post-apocalyptic take on a traditional play, but it also showcases a primarily female cast which for the most part has been a rewarding part of the show for many of the girls involved. “I think our take on this play will definitely inspire other girls to try out for drama and leave behind possible insecurities that some roles will only go to certain individuals. That just isn’t the truth and you can see that in our version of Macbeth,” said Sarah.

There had been worries among the cast that there may be backlash due to the primarily female casting, however for Kelsey D., it has not deterred the actors from doing their best. “I think some people think we cast the way we cast is because we want to be current with society, but in reality, the only reason our director cast the way she cast was that the people she cast would do the best job in their roles,” said Kelsey.

This for senior, Kelsey D., made the experience all the more special. “It was really empowering to see females take on roles that would normally go to males. I think it was really special to be a part of,” said Kesley.

Kelsey went on to state, “Despite this, we have really become like a sort of family in some regards.”

There were other difficulties that came along with putting together this play. Among these difficulties was fitting the entire play within the time constraints. Ava C., a senior who played Lady Macbeth, stated this was probably the biggest challenge. “The hardest part of this play was conveying the storyline in such a short amount of time since the original play goes for over 3 hours,” said Ava.

The feeling of accomplishment can be felt strongly from the cast, but none more than from Ava C.“I felt really honored to be cast in a part as dynamic and strong as Lady Macbeth. She is depicted as a strong woman and I really liked being able to portray that on stage,” said Ava.

One of the many nuances of this version of Macbeth has to do with the sexuality expressed on stage by the to lead actors, Isabel D., and Ava C. She described it as an empowering experience. “I also felt honored to depict a same-sex relationship. I felt like I got to depict my own sexuality and the sexuality of many people who feel that they can’t express their love for one another. It is really important to have this kind of representation and the representation being a part of a high school production makes it all the more special,” said Ava.

Even with all the difficulties and challenges, Macbeth has advanced to the finals in Boston for a three-day long showcase and competition between the other finalist shows.

For the actors, this show has been a rewarding one, with the actors helping with all the costumes and set pieces. “The costumes and the cast had to be the best parts of this. We had a lot of fun doing the costumes by hand so it was pretty cool seeing it come together,” said Ava.

The process of putting together a States play has been a most rewarding one, one that has been very memorable for cast members like Sarah C. “The show has been different than anything I’ve ever been in, and I think everyone feels the same way when I say this is been one of the greatest experiences I have ever had. I am so proud of how Macbeth turned out,” said Sarah.


Picture Credits: Duxbury Drama

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