Strive to Donate to the School Book Drive

Strive to Donate to the School Book Drive

By Arden Y.

Who doesn’t love cake?

It’s that time of year. The annual “Read Across America” book drive is currently occuring at Duxbury High School until the end of March. Students have the opportunity to bring in new or used books to the school library.

“Every year we collect used books for “Read Across America”, which is Dr. Seuss’s birthday [March 2nd]” school librarian Mrs. Allen said. “I kind of turned it into the whole month, and this is our fifth year of doing it”.

The books will then be donated to the Road of Responsibility, a bookstore in Marshfield. The bookstore aims to employ people who have difficulty finding jobs, such as people with learning disabilities.

Both the middle school and the high school are encouraged to participate in the book drive.

“I’m sure everybody has books laying around in their house that they don’t really use,” said middle schooler Kiley G.

The iLab in each school that brings in the most books will win a sheet cake.

However, there seems to be a lack of participation this year. When asked if she thought that more people should participate in the book drive, Senior Ava C. said yes.

“So many people have things laying around collecting dust and they could be used by people who really need them” she said “it’s a good cause”.

Kiley also believes that more people should donate books. “I like doing good” she said.

The book drive ends the 29th of March. In early April, the winners will be announced.

“Last year we collected a little over 1,200 books,” Mrs. Allen said. “I’m hoping we can beat that this year.”

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