All That Can Be Taught Outside the Classroom

All That Can Be Taught Outside the Classroom

By Kira B.

Missing school can be stressful, and it can leave you with piles of makeup work. Regardless, when given the opportunity to explore a new part of the world, many students choose the makeup work over a missed opportunity.

Charlie C, a junior at Duxbury High School, travelled to Edinburgh, Scotland with his mom this past February. He missed three days of school to do so, but came home with irreplaceable memories.

“It was a little bit stressful, mostly because it was the beginning of a new term so I kind of started the year off on a bad note because I had missed so much,” said Charlie. But that the stress of missing school was worth it. “It was an incredible experience because I got to see a new part of the world with my mom.”

Charlie’s opinion does not stand alone. Siobhan H, a senior at DHS, also visited Europe this winter when she travelled to Galway, Ireland. She agreed with Charlie’s sentiment.

“Experiencing another country probably taught me more than sitting in a classroom ever could,” said Siobhan. “Getting to be totally immersed in another cultures customs, way of life, and environment in general was totally eye opening. It showed me there’s so much more value and greatness to the world than just our little bubble here in Duxbury.”

From a student’s perspective, the pros outweigh the cons of missing school to travel.

Maya Z, a junior at DHS, also argued for the benefits of traveling.

“Missing a few days of school is not the end of the world,” said Maya. “And what you get from it could be more valuable, and teach you more about the world that could benefit you the most in the long run.”

Maya travelled to Iceland this past winter with her swim team, and is planning on visiting her sister who is studying in Barcelona, Spain next week. She believes strongly that missing a few days of school is only a small price to pay for irreplaceable experiences and memories.

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