Do You Know Your Bathroom Rights? – DHS Bathroom Policy

Do You Know Your Bathroom Rights? – DHS Bathroom Policy

By Beau B

The DHS Student Handbook states “Teachers have the authority to establish classroom guidelines and rules and regulations governing student behavior, provided that these limits do not violate any portion of this handbook nor violate a student’s Constitutional rights.” This means that teachers have the ability to enforce their own rules to govern students, including their bathroom policy. Not many students know the official bathroom policy for our school, but instead, follow what most teachers tell them to do. The typical policy is that you must take a bathroom pass and only go if no one else is already out of the room. Some teachers also require students to sign out before they go to the bathroom.

It seems that the bathroom policy has become more relaxed over the past four years.  Many students will realize that most teachers don’t mind if you simply get up and go to the bathroom without asking. This is most likely because they are aware that the majority of their students are eighteen years old. Some feel that it seems elementary to have to ask an adult if you’re allowed to go to the bathroom.

Mrs. Ciccarelli, an English teacher at Duxbury High School, hopes she offers a mature approach to her bathroom policy.

“I rely on students to monitor their own personal needs,” said Mrs. Ciccarelli.

She believes that since her students are legally recognized as adults, they should be treated and expected to act with a high level of maturity.

“My students are at least 17, so they will soon be adults. I expect them to act like adults, I expect people to do what they’re supposed to do.”

I also had the chance to speak with DHS senior, Brendan Carley. When I asked him about his bathroom use he said: “I pretty much go to the bathroom once a class, I usually don’t ask, I just get up and go.”

When I asked him how he feels about having to ask a teacher if he can use the bathroom, he said: “I think it’s sort of belittling for to have to ask a teacher to use the bathroom, now that I am a senior.”

It is evident that the bathroom policy at DHS is changing for the better and becoming more relaxed. It seems to have evolved into a mutual agreement between student and teacher which respects both people.

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