Boston Restaurant Spyces Things Up

Boston Restaurant Spyces Things Up

By: Jack D


A new restaurant has opened up in Boston and it is very unique. It is among the first restaurants to be automated, so no cooks are needed. There is still a human cashier and humans making sure the robots are working but there are no cooks in the kitchen. All cooking and mixing is done using magnetic convection cooking.


The new restaurant is called Spyce and is run by three MIT graduates whose mission is to provide affordable food that is healthy and delicious. The main type of food they serve is bowls. These bowls cost an average of $7.50 each and with a drink, a meal ends up costing around ten dollars.


After traveling to Boston, I found the food to be okay.  I thought it was pretty good but did not live up to all of the hype from its opening in December.

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